Hello world!

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, I woke up at 4:30 this morning and tossed for a bit before it was made very clear to me that I was being [and have been all week] called to sit up and write. The Universe makes me write. That’s how it speaks to me. Kinda like a spiritually cosmic psycho-wow-drama … and since I have realised this [only in the past couple of months] it has become quite insistent and clear.

I have said I am going rogue. But I haven’t. I have said I want to be authentic. But I’m not. I’ve said that my biggest asset is Me. And yet I am still not trusting it.

So I am making a huge leap of faith and my Self and the Universe/Source/Divine Wow and seeing what is there.

Time for an experiment, and you – my dear readers – are my rats.

Now. I don’t know how you feel about rats but I love them. I have owned – no, shared- great times with 3 of them. Rats are endearing and expressive, loving and intelligent. They are humorous. They love a good joke – on themselves as much as on you ;] They laugh [they do] and they have individual personalities. Most of all, they give. Be very pleased you are one of my rats. I will LOVE you.

But then … I love you anyway.

This is linked to my Reiki Flower web site [reikiflower.com] where my services are listed and offered. I am not only an Intuitive, but a Reiki Master/Mentor and Flower Essence Maven … um, therapist ;) I have mean empathic skills almost to a fault which is part of MY learning process and practice. I meditate and practice reiki/reiju magic everyday. Yoga? Sometimes … then … and again ;) I wink. A lot. My writing style is quirky at best. I use punctuation the way I breath and grammar has never been a forte. Get used to it. It’s charming :) Oh … and I have a lot to say.

I have so much I want to know about you! I will ask questions and post inspirations for you to expand my world with. To expand your world with. I will write honestly about my process and my days and … they aren’t always peachy. I revel in everything, even the Dark Nights of The Soul. I sometimes wallow in my own mental bullcrap, but I eventually get back up again and I’ll tell you honestly how that happened.

Wanna know more? Well, stay tuned … read Gayle Reveals Her Self and … stay tuned! I am a wizard of changes and I want to jump into this life. Naked. A life deeply lived and loved. Right here. Right Now. In. This. Moment. It’s simple really … and it’s all about Love. In truth … That’s all it’s ever about.


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