Seeing is Wordless

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I find words troublesome – often – which is probably why I am much more comfortable with what I see … that which was dubbed my “vivid imagination”. The thing is, it’s not imagination. It Is what I see.

So why am I troubled with words? Words define things. They put things and people ‘in their place’. But, what ‘place’ are we meant to be in? The one others see fit to define us as/in or the core of our own being? That which has no … ‘place’?

One of the very first insights of the Tao Te Ching is that The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao and as Byron Katie so simply points out in her understanding of it in A Thousand Names For Joy, “You can’t express reality in words. … Once anything is named, it’s no longer eternal. “Eternal” means free, without limit, without a position in time or space, lived without obstacle.”

She adds. “Before you name anything, the world has no things in it, no meaning. There’s nothing but peace in a wordless, questionless world. It’s the space where everything is already answered, in joyful silence.”

and yet, we need words … words fill the spaces in our lives … words comfort us like a blanket when we don’t understand. And yet, when I let go and See … well, there are no words.

loving what is. stay in touch. G!

[P.S. check out Universal Wow and thank you!]

Open to Receive

March 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Regular Life
Of course I want to save the world, she said, but I was hoping to do it from the comfort of my regular life. ~ Brian Andreas

Oh. Yes.
I started the day reading a short article retelling the story of Jonah to illustrate that running away from what you know is right is bound to fail. The calling will keep calling … any resistance you show will create dis-ease in body, mind, and psyche … until you let go and … flow.

i had a craving for dates, walnuts and coconut [actually. just the date and walnuts, but there happened to be a partial bag of coconut flakes in with the dates] Now, I know that sometimes things pop into view for a specific reason. I want the sweetness and the crunch. Perhaps the potassium and iron … And then … Coconut Essence [spirit-in-nature essence]: Uplifting Spiritual Awarenes. Date Essence [spirit-in-nature] : Tender Sweetness [including self-nurturance] and Walnut [bach] To aid in the breaking of ‘links’ during times of intense change.

I see what’s happening. *smile*

Last night I could not sleep. I tried many things. Eventually, sometime after midnight, I popped on an hour long ambient piece [Water Music by William Basinski] and reikied … and breathed … and chanted mantra and … drifted. My body was resting but my ‘head’ was open and floating. It wasn’t awful but I was fighting it still feeling that I must be sleeping. SHOULD be sleeping … sometime around 2am I gave in and took half a tranquiliser. It still took quite sometime to ‘release’. I slept maybe 4 hours.
You would think that I would be a mess today. I am a being that needs good deep sleep. I feel fine. On top of things but maybe not exactly raring to go. The tip toward the essences is beautifully telling and makes me smile.

So. Tonight if I experience this same seeming resistance to ‘sleep’ I will explore my mind while my body rests. Float in-between and conscious and … Listen to the Calling.

stay in touch. namaste. Gayle

Standing in a field of daisies …

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I received notification yesterday that ‘my application to the Amazon Affiliate program was approved’ … Ya know? I never even occurred to me that Amazon could deny me access to their affiliate program.

A similar thing happened when I applied to college. I had no idea that I needed to be accepted to THE Music Department as well as to the SCHOOL … AND I had no idea how difficult it evidently was to get into this state school being an out-of-stater. All these things paled in light of my naivete … I was what I wanted and I blindly went ahead with it not even thinking of any possible outcomes other than it was a done deal.

There is something very telling in this … something I am being asked to become highly aware of. … something … wowzers! I mean … there is a sure fire lesson here to me personally about manifesting and it appears that it has a lot to do with the outcome being a done deal in my head. … either a done deal or i have no attachment to it. OH! I LOVE this!

The shift … are you feeling it? I’m SO excited!

Remedy for Overload

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send love to yourself first and foremost … then send it outward. we give away more than we take in and/or give ourselves … ♥

I see you nodding and now shaking your heads. “Oh sure, Muse … I hear ya sistah! … BUT! … ” Yeah. I know … easier said than done . Yup. I live it as well. don’t think I don’t … I am, after all, a very human muse. On the other hand, I see some things [a lot of things] very clearly … and this is what I see:

I see a world of people flying around in a messed up fog. I see them looking for a safe place to land; to come home to roost and rest their wings and heavy minds from the flight. From the disaster. Now… now I see a break in the clouds, and there below you is … well … Me, at the moment. I am wearing a splashy neon vest and I am holding up my hands [or in my hands] brightly glowing light … follow the light. Follow my hands … see? Now you are closer and coming in for landing. You see my warm smile and my arms … my arms are open and they are holding the softest pre-warmed [by my body] blanket and … and you land … and stumble gently forward and I hold you and wrap you up and kiss you on the top of you head and tell you how much you are loved and … here. let’s go sit and you tell me ALL about it. Would you like hot chocolate or tea? Marshmallows? A shot of whiskey, you say?

We all need a landing strip. We all need someone [or many someone’s] who will be there to guide us in for the landing when we fly around in lost circles. The person who will warm us and bring us to ground and remind us that we not only are loved but that we ARE love. A person [a Muse?] to help us see that Love is always. Just Always. Love Is.

I have so many stories to tell you! Where Love Is came into my life and how it follows me around tapping on my shoulder and smiling … about the palm reader who talked to me about my ‘children’ … about how I know what I have always wanted to be when I grew up and how I am going to see that happen … and it has always been. Always shall be.

But, for today … sit! Know that I am around and listening and ready with that blanket. And always know that I love you. No. Matter. What.

Stay in touch … [call your mother! *wink*] … Namaste. Gayle <3

True Words to live by

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“Do not accept anything simply because it has been said by your teacher, or because it has been written in your sacred book, or because it has been believed by many, or because it has been handed down by your ancestors. Accept and live only according to what will enable you to see truth face to face.” – Buddha, as quoted in Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Peace Is Every Step”

An afternoon with Abraham …

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

You are creators, and you are vibrational beings. You are more about electronics; you are more about electricity; you are more about vibration than you are about the physical stuff that you think you are about. This physical stuff that you think you are about is all vibrational. ~ Abraham

personally … i have nothing more to say at this time except .. YES!

love to you! G!

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