Remedy for Overload

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

send love to yourself first and foremost … then send it outward. we give away more than we take in and/or give ourselves … ♥

I see you nodding and now shaking your heads. “Oh sure, Muse … I hear ya sistah! … BUT! … ” Yeah. I know … easier said than done . Yup. I live it as well. don’t think I don’t … I am, after all, a very human muse. On the other hand, I see some things [a lot of things] very clearly … and this is what I see:

I see a world of people flying around in a messed up fog. I see them looking for a safe place to land; to come home to roost and rest their wings and heavy minds from the flight. From the disaster. Now… now I see a break in the clouds, and there below you is … well … Me, at the moment. I am wearing a splashy neon vest and I am holding up my hands [or in my hands] brightly glowing light … follow the light. Follow my hands … see? Now you are closer and coming in for landing. You see my warm smile and my arms … my arms are open and they are holding the softest pre-warmed [by my body] blanket and … and you land … and stumble gently forward and I hold you and wrap you up and kiss you on the top of you head and tell you how much you are loved and … here. let’s go sit and you tell me ALL about it. Would you like hot chocolate or tea? Marshmallows? A shot of whiskey, you say?

We all need a landing strip. We all need someone [or many someone’s] who will be there to guide us in for the landing when we fly around in lost circles. The person who will warm us and bring us to ground and remind us that we not only are loved but that we ARE love. A person [a Muse?] to help us see that Love is always. Just Always. Love Is.

I have so many stories to tell you! Where Love Is came into my life and how it follows me around tapping on my shoulder and smiling … about the palm reader who talked to me about my ‘children’ … about how I know what I have always wanted to be when I grew up and how I am going to see that happen … and it has always been. Always shall be.

But, for today … sit! Know that I am around and listening and ready with that blanket. And always know that I love you. No. Matter. What.

Stay in touch … [call your mother! *wink*] … Namaste. Gayle <3


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