Standing in a field of daisies …

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I received notification yesterday that ‘my application to the Amazon Affiliate program was approved’ … Ya know? I never even occurred to me that Amazon could deny me access to their affiliate program.

A similar thing happened when I applied to college. I had no idea that I needed to be accepted to THE Music Department as well as to the SCHOOL … AND I had no idea how difficult it evidently was to get into this state school being an out-of-stater. All these things paled in light of my naivete … I was what I wanted and I blindly went ahead with it not even thinking of any possible outcomes other than it was a done deal.

There is something very telling in this … something I am being asked to become highly aware of. … something … wowzers! I mean … there is a sure fire lesson here to me personally about manifesting and it appears that it has a lot to do with the outcome being a done deal in my head. … either a done deal or i have no attachment to it. OH! I LOVE this!

The shift … are you feeling it? I’m SO excited!


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