Open to Receive

March 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Regular Life
Of course I want to save the world, she said, but I was hoping to do it from the comfort of my regular life. ~ Brian Andreas

Oh. Yes.
I started the day reading a short article retelling the story of Jonah to illustrate that running away from what you know is right is bound to fail. The calling will keep calling … any resistance you show will create dis-ease in body, mind, and psyche … until you let go and … flow.

i had a craving for dates, walnuts and coconut [actually. just the date and walnuts, but there happened to be a partial bag of coconut flakes in with the dates] Now, I know that sometimes things pop into view for a specific reason. I want the sweetness and the crunch. Perhaps the potassium and iron … And then … Coconut Essence [spirit-in-nature essence]: Uplifting Spiritual Awarenes. Date Essence [spirit-in-nature] : Tender Sweetness [including self-nurturance] and Walnut [bach] To aid in the breaking of ‘links’ during times of intense change.

I see what’s happening. *smile*

Last night I could not sleep. I tried many things. Eventually, sometime after midnight, I popped on an hour long ambient piece [Water Music by William Basinski] and reikied … and breathed … and chanted mantra and … drifted. My body was resting but my ‘head’ was open and floating. It wasn’t awful but I was fighting it still feeling that I must be sleeping. SHOULD be sleeping … sometime around 2am I gave in and took half a tranquiliser. It still took quite sometime to ‘release’. I slept maybe 4 hours.
You would think that I would be a mess today. I am a being that needs good deep sleep. I feel fine. On top of things but maybe not exactly raring to go. The tip toward the essences is beautifully telling and makes me smile.

So. Tonight if I experience this same seeming resistance to ‘sleep’ I will explore my mind while my body rests. Float in-between and conscious and … Listen to the Calling.

stay in touch. namaste. Gayle


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