wishing wednesday …

April 13, 2011 § 14 Comments

The wish prompt from Jamie Ridler today is “What do you wish to read?”

I honestly did not think of books … reading comes to me in emotions and thru the fog and the rain and the wind. Reading comes from the formation of the clouds and the look in my beloveds eyes. Reading comes from the pages and stream of my friends and lovelies online … So, taking all this into account [and looking at the actual stack of books beside me!] Here is what I truly wish to read …

I wish to read an email from my friend who’s daughter has GBS that things are better than they feel at them moment. That the healing has worked :)

I wish to read an amazed text from Barry saying we have won the lottery :)

I wish to read the solution to my riddles in my others readings :)

I wish to read the 8 figure number for cash on the signed check for deposit and deposit ticket to our bank account :)

until then … I wish to read the’ I Love You’ smiles in the eyes and words of all those I encounter :)

so now … what do you wish to read?

stay in touch! namaste, Gayle



§ 14 Responses to wishing wednesday …

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