Cats and A Ego Healing Check

April 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

calm down

I will learn – quite possibly here and now … TODAY! – to leave things and people and CATS alone to sort things out for themselves.

It turns out I know a lot, but they know better and I must become more attentive to listening to those rhythms and energies. it is an important step in a healer. To leave one’s Ego to the side and put your heart in the place of the other’s energetic rhythms instead of what your Ego believes to be the correct path.

Everyone has their own path up the mountain and down again … we have our own spaces of tranquility and need … it is not my place as a Healing Artist to impose my belief system on anyone or anything else.

Especially with cats.

I created a formula to assist all the cats with the transition of a new home [ Tiff ] and a new member’s arrival [ Eddie, Roxy and Kismet ]. They all seem to be handling it better than I am. Me. Feeling anxious that they all get along. Me. Imposing my anxiety on them … on Tiff most assuredly … instead of simply trusting their innate wisdom and guidance to only be assisted by my ministerings of reiki and flower essences.

And then! … Ah. Ha. … Very often [very often] the feelings of others [animals/pets and people alike] are greatly influenced by our own energies. Hence Tiff’s anxiety and fear is being felt by me and I am then not only tapped into it, but magnifying it.

And to top that off, I know that I feel and ‘take on’ other’s energies all too deeply and easily. So, talk about the viscous circle! All the more reason and evidence how treating the owner of a pet is always the most prudent and beneficial route to take.

Point made and taken, universe. Selah *bows* … I am taking the formula as well. *smile*

Stay in Touch! Namaste, Gayle


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