A Singing Lament

April 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

My heart is breaking as it always does in the beginning of an awakening. It’s a mournful feeling. Deep sadness. Grieving. A heavy sorrow come to the edges of my psyche.
The thing is, I know that there is peace when an awakening is close and inevitable so the matter of Being through the grief is where my practice lies.

To top this off I have Fullmoonitis and all portents I have looked to point toward meetings with guides and angels and messages once and for all. All too true.

Do you moon bathe?
pink moon


as the Moon full and ripe slips from behind the clouds, so to
do i slip from behind the veils
the soft remnants slipping from my skin
in puddles fallen i bathe

i bathe in this sorrow rising from the vessel clean


Meditations ask you to feel yourself rooted to the earth. To envision your feet becoming part of the the ground and sinking yourself deeper and more connected to The Mother. In a drumming trance last week while laying on my Shaman Mountain, I saw how my entire body became part of the Earth. My hair, fingers, tailbone all connecting and fine filaments reaching from every pore where my back met the Mother and winding deeply into the ground and then spreading out, not just deeper, but farther and farther outward until the earth was held gently within but uncaged … Everything Is Connected … Everything.


Muse. Stay in Touch. Namaste *bows* Gayle


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