What Do You Wish To Know?

May 4, 2011 § 12 Comments

Wish Casting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios

You know … last week I could NOT focus … which made the wish casting very humorous to me. Very. I mean, seriously … So that is what I wound up focusing on. That which I ‘couldn’t’ focus on which lead to a gorgeous, if not out of my norm and comfort zone, living in the NOW and I mean … Living.

It was a productive busy week mentally, physically and very spiritually. So. Huzzah!

Now. Know …

Need To Know? Wish To Know? Crave? Desire? Perpetually Hit a Wall To Know? humhumhum …

What I truly wish to know this day … and being the Taurus New Moon, the most perfect time to wish! … why I cannot/donnot [seriously, why are they not spelled in the same manner?] *procrastinating with humor;]* trust in the unfolding mystery that is Divine Source.

I live smack dab in the middle of Divine Source/Universe/GodGoddess. I EMBODY it? Why? Why? Why? do I not trust it … I want to know. And I promise, as I cannot/willnot hide, that I will listen. [this is trust isn’t it?] ok. So THAT is a part of trust … so I obviously trust on some level. A level of knowing it’s there and will answer … it’s that it has my best interests at heart and that whatever happens … IS happening is because of a divine and loving reason.



Gotcha … So I know WHAT I don’t trust but I still want to KNOW … why. Because I need to know the why in order to clear it from me. So. Let’s do that.

What ever you all are wishing for, I wish for you also … not sure I’m going to get to all of you today … but i am always wishing with you. Always. :]

Love, Gayle!


§ 12 Responses to What Do You Wish To Know?

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