Out of Sync

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The theories are that Divine Source’s timing is always right … however …

“It’s a scientific fact [the site does not cite a reference] that time is speeding up. Those of us born in the old times (that’s everyone able to read this) have a sense of being just fractionally out of sync … our individual cog wheel is not slotting in with the universal time wheel cog that way it once did.”

Hence … “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff. ” doctor who

While writing my daily pages this morning [3 pages/day … and why did i chose college ruled notebook paper! LOL!] I was in a drowsy pause flitting into my Misty Look and recalling the whole conversation with Universe about ‘them’ apologizing to me about the burn accident I had as an infant [toddler? 15 months old … toddler …] The conversation included that it either happened too soon or shouldn’t have happened at all. The whole incident ‘forced’ a psychic/spiritual awakening when I was far too young to process and integrate it. I mean … I hardly had language let alone the mental/spiritual capacity to process the incident.

I have been playing a game of integrational ‘catch up’ since then I am beginning to think.

I believe at the moment immediately following the impact of the burn, from the time I was hospitalized and until I was weaned off the drugs [morphine and codeine I was told] that I experienced a full spiritual opening/awakening up to and including full out of body experience. I was [am :] always the ‘abounding joy’ that my name embodied but, as my mother would say, after the burn I became more withdrawn and ‘misty’. My brothers actually coined the ‘Misty Look’ in my infancy as I would ‘zone out’ and stare like a cat at unseen/seen things. It ramped up after the burn.

I went inward.

To this day I remain both gregarious but introverted. I need silence to integrate myself to the earth and in turn, to myself.

Which brings me back to this morning … ! … [you thought i lost the thread, didn’t you!?] I was listening to Jane Siberry’s ‘Maria’, circa 1995. I believe that I have only listened, or even started to listen to it … twice. So this is the third time since 1995 that I have ‘tried’ it. Something yesterday made me want to put it on my iPod, and since it was so strong, I decided IT was what I needed to listen to this morning. In three words … I LOVE IT … and I have not loved it before this. So, I was wondering why I seem to do this sort of thing repeatedly, with books; with music; and even with some people! I bring some/these things into my life before their time, it seems and then they wait until I catch up with them and their purpose … sync’ing with Source’s intention of it ‘being time.’

I have a few ideas and tools I will use to right this … the merkabah has been asserting itself into my awareness … but … is it time? :Dmerkabah

Heh. …. Muse.

<3 Gayle!



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