An Entangled Web

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

this is some pretty amazing stuff …

I was looking through the Master’s essences [now, Spirit-In-Nature] which were given and created by Paramahansa Yogananda. The method behind these essences varies in that you chose only two or three and these choices are based on your Theme [who/what you are primarily in a balanced state] and any Plot or Sub-Plot [that which is unbalancing you at the moment]. So the idea is that you would always have that one theme essence and then varying others based on what was happening at the time.

I have never been able to completely figure out my Theme. Not even with a pendulum [and this tool I find most helpful and usually highly accurate in working on myself] the pendulum actually refuses to ‘work’ at all.

This morning looking at the descriptions and tools for honing in on this/my Theme I realised that my Theme is my Plot … *head desk* … meaning that in my empathic state and open channel ability … I am all of them in theme. I am everyone I have ever met and/or experienced. But this can’t be!!! … and yet, it is. And this is ‘wrong’ for me and for the world as a whole.
Just yesterday I was warned by a guide that I am ill advised to allow as many people to take up residence in me as I do. That I need to be more selective since, when I do allow people ‘entrance’ [as opposed to PASSAGE] they wind up leaving bits of themselves within me … I become entangled. … he said, “People CAN live inside you, and are not meant to, but can. Be aware of whom you invite my dear. … People can be deceptive, … with their intentions if they do not know themselves what their intentions are. Be pure of heart and keep that clean so that all else will show on top. I go.”

I have allowed way too many people to take up residence within me. THAT space really is only meant for a very select few and the first one there would be well chosen to be my Self. … it is not.

… and with this … i have my assignment and have some work to do. Blessed Be.

Muse. Stay In Touch! <3 g!


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