Wishcasting Wednesday …

June 29, 2011 § 7 Comments

Jamie Ridler Studios and Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to break from?

ah … this is easy. and with the solar eclipse on friday … timely.

i wish to break from the limiting belief that i am not entirely… as i am … here and now… in my beautifully broken but mending state … enough or completely [completely/unconditionally] worthy of the deep and steadfast love, praise, divinity, and beauty that i >know< i possess.

amen. selah. and Blessed Be I

may all your wishes come true and  as you wish i shall gladly wish for you as well.

so mote it be



The one wish to serve them all …

June 22, 2011 § 15 Comments

WishCasting Wednesday: What Do You wish For This Summer?  @ Jamie Ridler Studios

i am struggling with this today … thinking of clever things or something you will connect to when all i crave is rest. quiet and awaytime and … rest

i cannot read, write or create today without this deep feeling of dis-ease and distraction


i took a reiki nap.

[this is not entirely sleep. it’s a healing twilight- sleep-trance kind of thing where i go to do distance healing for you and where i do my deepest healing on myself

it is based on the shaman’s journey in theory and it is something that stumbled upon me and serves me fabulously well]


what i wish for this summer is big.

i wish for the miracle to occur


the only one i am truly asking for



thank you

all my love





Creating Creative Intention

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

i hearby declare my intention to create more creatively and to explore those things that make me smile and that i desire to try in order to bring myself and the world great abounding joy.

[i really need to stop today but somehow just am not able … restless mind. restless soul.]

i’m feeling fabric scraps and needlepoint tiny quilted things … i’m feeling words that will [must] call you into my inner home-life … i’m feeling


signing and dancing and soft skirts and long black eyelashes and dark ruby red lips just waiting to be kissed and to kiss

but i’m going to bed pretty much now … all this can explode tomorrow


Deeeee – light!

June 15, 2011 § 13 Comments

Wednesday which also means … [other than hump day!] Wishcasting with Jamie Ridler Studios

and this day it’s asking: What Delights Do You Wish For? …

exactly how i spent a good part of my morning … sitting in a forested backyard reading, listening to the sounds of nature and running water and watching the animal population coming to have brunch.

the only things that may have made this more delightful would’ve been to be lounging an a papsan chair, being served a cup of coffee with a treat [thinking, scone, muffin, tart … ] and not having to get up and go unless i wanted to …

delightful. i found cenetered peace watching those chipmunks and … did you know that squirrels make ‘nummy’ noises when they eat?



so … i wish for more delightful days [not merely moments] like this

<3 G!




Begin’agin …

June 8, 2011 § 10 Comments

Wish Casting Wednesday at Jamie Ridler Studios : What Do You Want To Begin?

well … this post!! so far i have been wondering what i want to BEGIN since 730 this morning … it’s now 1130 and i am going off to my reiki self practice shortly where i will continue to wonder most assuradly!

i have ideas but each of those i HAVE already begun … this needs to be a new beginning … something fresh. something i keep putting behind me for ‘later’ … something … something …



ok. practice done [it is now 1:12] and some … food! … and here is where i am: I wish to begin to release all that which no longer serves me and my highest self … 

and that

is about







A Wish for Uncompromising Flow

June 1, 2011 § 11 Comments

what is my money wish? [ besides the usual of paying off debt, etc,etc? … ] …  to not be in the position where the need for it compromises my service of healing to the world yet i am able to get and what i want and need without worry … to have a steady ample flow that supports me and my healing practice … because i was born a healer … not a worrier of money.

my wish is that money be a necessary joy, auspicious, favorable, felcitous, fortunate, golden, halcyon, opportune, propitious, rosey, timely and well timed [don’t i just love the thesaurus :] and  not a necessary evil and that it always be something shared and not kept in a miserly fashion …

gemini new moon magic day … selah! your wishes are my wishes … namaste <3 g!

PS: some interesting thoughts that passed through while finding that photo/painting … heart chakra/green/money/love/ expansion/ petals unfolding … love. money is green energy expanding to and from love … honestly. why did i not see this before today? *bows* g!

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