A Wish for Uncompromising Flow

June 1, 2011 § 11 Comments

what is my money wish? [ besides the usual of paying off debt, etc,etc? … ] …  to not be in the position where the need for it compromises my service of healing to the world yet i am able to get and what i want and need without worry … to have a steady ample flow that supports me and my healing practice … because i was born a healer … not a worrier of money.

my wish is that money be a necessary joy, auspicious, favorable, felcitous, fortunate, golden, halcyon, opportune, propitious, rosey, timely and well timed [don’t i just love the thesaurus :] and  not a necessary evil and that it always be something shared and not kept in a miserly fashion …

gemini new moon magic day … selah! your wishes are my wishes … namaste <3 g!

PS: some interesting thoughts that passed through while finding that photo/painting … heart chakra/green/money/love/ expansion/ petals unfolding … love. money is green energy expanding to and from love … honestly. why did i not see this before today? *bows* g!


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§ 11 Responses to A Wish for Uncompromising Flow

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