the ‘feel’ of desire …

July 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Jamie Ridler has a wonderful post today about expressing your/our/one’s desires … 

it sent me to the Thesaurus and a word exploration. i love exploring words. i love exploring the feelings of words. words have personality to me and finding the right ones are integral to ‘creating’ my world.  i get a physical sensation of the emotion that the word creates and then it practiclly imbues the writing with the emotion i am seeking or attempting to PUT into words.

exciting. yes? sometimes very painful … always powerful … and a brilliant guide.

desire is hot. desire is in the moment and unbridled. tempestuous and hungry. craving. passion and rapture and … a lust … eagerness … a need. but what sort of an adjective best speaks to me of these beautiful words??

just now, when the right word surfaced, it created an exciting feeling in my body. a zing and a tingle … a bodily “whoo-hoo!” and i am becoming excited to create my own desire journal …

my comment to Jamie is as follows … no sense in editing …


oh wow. … raw and fierce … desires … this sent me off to the thesaurus to get a better ‘feel’ [empathic/emotional intuitive here … it’s ALL about the ‘feel’ :] for the words …

so far i am loving ‘exquisite’ [from acute/fierce being that at the point i will write the desire in my book, it would be rather acute and ‘of the moment’] and ‘natural’ [from ‘raw’ in that my desires are natural outpourings that my soul sings] AND … finally … i am loving ‘impetuous’ for it’s ardent ferocity and impassioned unrestrained boldness …

me loves those words …

thank you for bringing the think out in me … and with this i will move it over to my blog and post!

[oh. feral. i am loving feral. untamed and wild. speaks to me of going boldly by intuition and the need/desire of the moment. whew! it’s getting hot in here ;]
<3 g!


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