Space … the final frontier

July 13, 2011 § 12 Comments

Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler Studios: What do you wish to ask for?


space to breath. space to move. space to understand me.

so! i have been learning how and when to say ‘no’ [and it’s simply amazing how much space that alone creates]

i have often felt >>squeezed<< into this body and on this earth and then in not managing the empathy i feel … excuse me, that needs to be FEEL … very well resulting in a sick merging and not knowing what were my emotions and wishes or what were the other’s

c’mon. let’s face it … it got really crowded in me

slowly … as this lotus blossoms petal by soft numinous petal … i have craved space

thinking it is material space i felt the need to push people away in order to find the enigma of Me


practicing loving kindness in meditation where metta comes to self first and then spreads outward <3  it’s amazing how much space there is when one is centered in one’s heart.

i ask for space and it is delivered [and i am eternally grateful]






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