past inside present

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Manipulation. Being Manipulated. Manipulating. … form, shape wield [!], form, manage, conduct, control, ‘play games” [oooh. that’s a trigger!], up stage, and …  influence!

A word and concept that has been in my face for awhile. Sometimes painfully so as I have seen it in myself.

Today came these beautiful words …

” Make peace and heal your past … and the more you can make peace and can heal your past, the more transcendent and wonderful and exciting the present will be. … When we get muddy in the present … it’s really a sign that the past is really the present. It has nothing to do with the present moment … it’s not about them, [or the situation – ged!] it’s about the past.” ~ Bindu Wiles

 I have been painfully seeing for a while lately where and how other people manipulate emotions and situations …

… I have seen it in myself as well … and … I want to take this moment to take responsibility for my actions and also express my sorrow if it [when it] caused anyone upset.

I still find history … yours, mine, the world’s … interesting. I have always found it fascinating to look into history …  but one must never to live there or allow it to become ‘now’.

It takes, and is a, practice.

Antonym for ‘manipulation’ via … ‘leave it alone’.

And there you have it.





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