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“One who is mostly an observer thrives in good times but suffers in bad times because what he is observing is already vibrating, and as he observes it, he includes it in his vibrational countenance. As he includes it, the Universe accepts that as his point of attraction and gives him more of it. So the better it gets the better it gets. Or the worse it gets the worse it gets. While one who is a visionary thrives in all times.” — Abraham

Jourei initiation this morning. Early. What felt like maybe 10 minutes wound up being 42 [seriously. came to and looked at the clock. 6:42] It came in wave of increasing intensity and ended in a glorious full body yee-haw stretch …  completely aware yet unaware all at the same time. I love that multidimensional travel.

This week and a Kwan Yin/Jourei realisation brought me peace from all the pain and gnaty distraction I was experiencing since the beginning of the cleansing process [19 days of daily Jourei prior to initiation.] i know about Kwan Yin, but I found out that I didn’t know enough … slipping on over to Wikipedia [article: ‘Guanyin’] I read this on the definition of the name:

Guanyin is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists … The name Guanyin is short for Guanshiyin which means

“Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World”. 

As soon as I read this it was as if that proverbial light bulb clicked on and flooded me with light and understanding. So THIS is what has been happening!

Jourei came from an ‘encounter’ with Kannon [the Japanese equivalant to Guanyin/Kwan Yin/and from Sanskrit, Avalokiteśvara ] so it’s energy is entirely based on her/him and her compassionate ‘ear’, so to speak and more deeply spiritual in nature than the Ki of our own vibrations from Reiki.

Jourei is channeled and applied from outside of us. It burns away our spiritual clouds, dissolving the physical toxins created by them. ” ~ Don Beckett

Immediately I envisioned being a passenger on a speeding train with all the scenery whizzing past and wrote to my teacher/guide …

“…huge shift last night in this whole kwan yin/ kannon linking … still feel tired but understanding the ‘pain’ and where its coming from makes it less of a ‘thing’ and easier for me to allow it to pass. kind of like being in a train. you see the world outside but it goes by so fast you don’t have time to pay >close< attention …  nor do you >need< to! blessed.” [ged]

So, I still can hear the painful lamentations [even though you think you are smiling] but using the energy of Kwan Yin and Jourei, I can effectively ‘deaden’ the noise and pick and chose just what I will allow in. I am also more attuned to sending Jourei outward to it [you] in the form of an even deeper, and now ‘healthier and more aware’, pool of compassion from within.

I love this process. I love what it allows me to bring to all of you.

Let’s dance ;)



cause i want to decide between survival and bliss …

August 24, 2011 § 8 Comments

Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler [AND ME!] … What Do You Wish To Enjoy?

quite simply?

my life

“… i’ve so long firmly looking outside me

i’ve spent so much time living in survival mode … “

changed the look here because everywhere else is simple and clean just this [tmblr. live journal.] and trying to be something else just isn’t working.

finishing up with the Jourei intensive cleansing prior to my attunement this Saturday. it HAS been intense. not for the weak kneed or weak hearted for sure. so much spiritually toxic movement. this is not for everyone! … and yet, everyone is welcome. all in all, we take it what we are ready for. and i have been ready for the whole shabang for quite sometime …  going through this as intensley as i do only prepares me far better to assist others. a blessing.

i am blessed.


that’s what i got!



for all your reiki and spirtual journeying needs …

reikiflower and me

at your service

stay in touch!



you can’t un-know when you know

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“We would like you to reach the place where you’re not willing to listen to people criticize one another… where you take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong… where it matters to you so much that you feel good, that you are only willing to think positive things about people…you are only willing to look for positive aspects; you are only willing to look for solutions, and you are not willing to beat the drum of all of the problems of the world.” ~ Abraham

feeling so … stressed. noise. noise … everything feels like sandpaper against my skin and … INSIDE my skin.
restless legs

but my whole body.

tired. so. tired.

weary really.

i want to be in my still waters or, rather, sitting next to them and gazing [scrying?] into them but people keep cannonballing into my space … my waters.

i am trying very hard to regain my calm space regardless … but everything just hurts.

 i AM working …

working SO hard. so. hard.

i feel as if i have no real home … and i realise that home is within me … home is me … and i don’t even feel safe or like i belong in here either …

it hurts. not knowing … feeling … home.

and i need to recharge and i am unknowing where to go to do that since within does not feel ‘safe’ at all either …

” …Wrapped in silent elegance … Beautifully broken down …As illusions burst … “

i know exactly where to find this place of elegance … but it’s not available to me here and now and i do not know how to duplicate it without my other … i don’t think i could nor would i want to …

i AM a home
and i know this!
… something is being set adrift and it seems it’s time to decide whether i watch it go or rein it back in

but i am thinking i know which is which
as i sit here by my pond
still and deep
and watch it drift without moving an inch



listening and learning and yearning …

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well .. yesterday was Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler : what do you wish to chose?

it would seem that i am choosing some sort of procrastination … and you would be right to some extent. but i found out yesterday an interesting thing about my astrological chart that indictes ‘still waters running very deep’ and needing to find the balance between that and helping people … and helping people WITH those still waters …

i baptise you in these deep running waters … may they run over you and thru you …  may you be bathed and clenased

well … so

i chose to sit here for the time being and toss pebbles into these waters


watch the ripples …



that ice is slowly melting …

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It’s Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler Studios: What inspiration do you wish to follow?

first thought:

… and though i lose a friend in the end you will know …. one day you’ll find, that i have gone. but tomorrow may rain so … I’ll Follow The Sun

i’m nor even sure what this means … but it’s the inspiration i am following. I’ll follow the sun …

“The Sun promises the querent their day in the sun. Glory, triumph, simple pleasures and truths.”

Both within and without, the energy of light expands our limits and makes us shine …

Love, I may not get around to saying to each of you one and all and in turn … but know, i send my power to your wihes, one and all …

as you wish, i will wish for you as well




August 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

participating in August Break on my other page [and something i want to integrate with this into one and something ‘new’ … just haven’t ‘heard’ the ‘answer’ yet ;] so have a look!

Daily Muse Photos

and funny where i had been having some difficulty writing  … now all i am getting is ideas … plenty of them …  so i AM writing … just not here [for now] … it’ll all make it’s way here eventually :)


stay in touch! <3 G!




knock knock

August 3, 2011 § 6 Comments

Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler Studios: What door do you wish to open?

i have opened SO many doors in the past 3-4 years … so many doors. doors within the soul. doors that have lead deeply into the labyrinth of myself.



but at the moment … i am looking to unlock the door to Johrei … a deeper understanding in the path of Reiki. the path of the spirit in healing.

and a deeper understanding of Self

knock knock




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