You find your way back down

September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Have respect for yourself, and patience and compassion. With these, you can handle anything.” ~Jack Kornfield

Learning new things this week. Valuable new things. Like how to mange [crash and] burnout.

1. don’t allow it it get to that point [i have identified some signals of extreme burnout in me … now to go back a bit further and see what came before that!]

2. i need at least 3 Non Negotiable Time things daily [thank you Marie Forleo] and not only one [meditation] …

3. i thrash energetically. not a pretty sight especially for someone who practices energy healing! and in the thrashing others get pulled in. my apologies. i will be mindful of this.

4. i have been taking steps back and talking to myself as i would any one of you. i told myself to rest. take time off! and curl up in softness, and be gentle with the thoughts that come crashing in. … i give good advice! recovery requires a lot of silence and compassion when the thoughts keep returning. a key point for me: cat curled up close and purring in my ear = calm. find your personal relaxation button and key … fast!

6. disasters and the collective ‘suffering’ is 100 times worse for me on a good day [high empathy/energy reception] and completely unmanageable during burn out. i need to away from videos and over exposure to the news!!

7. i need to sleep and meditate as much as i can.

8.i must drink lots of water. it seems i become dehydrated. perhaps i stop drinking in my approaching overwhelm. too busy to take the time for that simple self care? ah. another ‘sign’ … ways to circumvent and keep track? have a certain bottle that must be refilled once a day. drink from that. if i don’t, i’ll see.

9. i have to allow my emotions to flow. if tears become laughter in a 5 minute time span and then i lapse into total silence … it’s ok. i just observe and make sure i don’t hurt myself.

9a. employ others to watch you if you are concerned AT ALL that you might hurt yourself. i find just having someone else in the room is comforting [or the radio/tv talking and keeping me in a space of connection to others] but know that this can be hard for them if they can’t follow the stream of emotion. big props to those in my life who can and do! (hug)

10. i try to find reasons for the overwhelm and sadness other than burnout and the [simple] need to disconnect and rest. in trying to >find< a reason for the emotional release during burnout, i make up stories based on some facts and, well … there goes that thrashing again. so sorry!  [and another good point for silence *wink*]

i still have some way to go but i would say the best of the treatments are working. i can write again … that’s a nice sign. got a long weekend coming up and i have intent to spend a lot of it in bed.

there’s room for one more if you’d like to visit and have some tea …






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