Stories of She

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

such an evolution … between the earthquake and the aftershocks, hurricane Irene and my initiation to Jourei … amidst the toxic release of existential dreck and the jacob’s ladders of astrology and Source …

She has emerged …

this is where her stories will take place. in a land of magic and harsh logical reality She exists and falters and flourishes into her own … this is where She will dwell … on this page and in the heart of her creator … follow her stories …


This was the time that She broke open and all galaxies fell out of her and enetered her all at once.  The time that was.  The time of reckoning.  She fell back into her chair and gasped tears, awe, and fear all at once.  No princes, kings, or queens, magicians or shaman … no gods or goddesses could save her now …  the journey was hers and hers alone.

Clutching her head from the pain of the implosion, She rallied enough to make her way to eat.  To drink.  Sustenance for the journey and water to cleanse.  She ate and drank deeply.

In the rubble of her soul there remained a spark, a glowing ember to light her way.  It was next to this She now knelt collecing the rubble to fortress her soul.  She lit incense to purify the path ahead.

And it was in this rubble, next to this incense She sat, calling her practices to her.  One by one, like butterflies migrating to their home they arise to find their way to her.

It was here She began.


… to be continued …




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