so you wake up in the morning with initiative to move, so why make it harder?

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


I have moved Stories of She over to The Daily Muse as it feels more appropriate to keep the creative writing [no matter how spiritual it may be] over with … the creative writing and creative page …

Here? I swear I am still defining this space and what it is I want to tell you and say here.

This has been a doozy of a summer. Since the New Moon in Pisces {in March} I have felt nothing but restless quiet shifting [shit … really, that should be shit … and not always so quiet!!]. So far this year I have Mastered in Reiki and received initiation into Jourei, both of these are forms of Energy Healing and spiritual practice on their own and this adds to the already vast knowledge I have with Flower Essences. I stepped up my personal practice at the end of last year while I studied to become Master and this included deep meditations and a lot of release from toxic energies.

The initiation into the practice of Jourei during August threw me for an absolute metaphysical and existential loop! The process is meant to  ‘clear the spiritual clouds’ . It did just that! Painfully. Dragged me through the mire in chains and I was tempted to drown there with the pain …

Until you have found pain, you won’t reach the cure
Until you’ve given up life, you won’t unite with
     the supreme soul
Until you’ve found fire inside yourself, like the Friend,
You won’t reach the spring of life, like Khezr.


I have tried and tried to explain how the healing process occurs and how for a lot of people, deep healing comes after what is called the Healing Crisis. [ For some it can be worse than others. I do not recommend seeking it for yourself without a guide and a strong support system. You may not come back. Same for Kundalini Awakenings … better to have someone who knows the way on board.]

But to explain …  imagine you have been told you have cancer. What follows is … pain. Mental, spiritual, emotional and physical pain … and once you reach the end and there is healing would you really tell me all that wasn’t worth it?

Same goes for the spirit. But … it’s not everyone’s path nor does it need to be.  Not everyone gets cancer either …

 it IS my spiritual path though

So. Where was I? Preparing, I think … for something wondrous and wonderful … Selah.




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