snow falling on red maples …

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the beauty of it is … glorious

changed the sheets on my bed to flannel. washing blankets and preparing a path to a deep meditative afternoon.

my mind was way unsettled this morning. it has been a very very long time since i was not able to sit for a full half hour. even in chatty mode, i have been able to sit within it … but not this morning.

i woke and looked at the clock and it was 5. all those wakings at 520 and my body is into a rhythm.

perhaps meditating then was being called for. and then back to sleep as is my usual want. tomorrow then. i will keep the time.

and snow. and tomorrow sun. probably that brilliant blue jay sky that comes after the storms.

so. hot tea. two duvets. and while the laundry spins in various cycles i will settle into my spinning galaxy of a mind and swim.

everything is fresh and new …

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Every week after the ‘call to confession’ portion of the service, the silent confession ended with a communal recitation that ended … “The past is finished and gone, everything has become fresh and new.”

[I always put the emphasis on ‘everything’ …]

So imagine my spin and Snoopy dance when I read this from my friend and hooked into Source astrologer Tosha:

“The next two days are prep for a very potent, lovely Scorpio New Moon on Wednesday. Trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, opposing Jupiter. Divine.

Good to clear and clean for next couple days if you can. ‘Create a void’ by releasing all you don’t need, then invite the Highest to arrive.

…  Also falls on another one of my absolute favorite holidays DIWALI! Sacred to Lakshmi, Indian goddess of abundance and beauty…She definitely likes a clean house…”

Tosha Silver 10.24.11

She aslo put up a link to an AP clipping …

285 Indian girls shed ‘unwanted’ names

girls changing their name of Nukushi/Nukusa [meaning ‘unwanted’] to more meaningful and powerful ones such as  ” “Vaishali,” or “prosperous, beautiful and good” or “Ashmita,” which means “very tough” or “rock hard” in Hindi.” ”

Talk about cleansing :)

And maybe not so coincidentally and in my tapping into and of synchronicity with this letting go and clearing out things … Today I have begun an experiential study and deep delving into the Chakra system. For the next 7 weeks [8 if you count the Auric Field … our Personal Bubble … which, OK, I do] I will be concentrating one chakra/week with  meditation and kundalini yoga [including pranayama [breathing] and poses] to explore personally and up close the energy shifts involved.

… and it begins, as always these things do, at the base with the Root or Muladhara Chakra … our energy space of safety, security, survival and self-preservation.

It appears as if I will be clearing house of fear and insecurity. Depression and disconnection. Worry. Low self-esteem … all things that have been weighing heavy on me these past few months [have you noticed my lack of presence? yeah. me too.] and what a happy jolt to be aware that I am opening myself up to higher ground in this release.

Lakshmi, you rule!

And WHOA! Talk about your birth of Venus!

Thinking of ‘changing’ MY name to Lakshmi  … ah, yeah … good to be back … <3 ged

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