everything is fresh and new …

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every week after the ‘call to confession’ portion of the service, the silent confession ended with a communal recitation that ended … “The past is finished and gone, everything has become fresh and new.”

[I always put the emphasis on ‘everything’ …]

So imagine my spin and Snoopy dance when I read this from my friend and hooked into Source astrologer Tosha:

“The next two days are prep for a very potent, lovely Scorpio New Moon on Wednesday. Trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, opposing Jupiter. Divine.

Good to clear and clean for next couple days if you can. ‘Create a void’ by releasing all you don’t need, then invite the Highest to arrive.

…  Also falls on another one of my absolute favorite holidays DIWALI! Sacred to Lakshmi, Indian goddess of abundance and beauty…She definitely likes a clean house…”

Tosha Silver 10.24.11

She aslo put up a link to an AP clipping …

285 Indian girls shed ‘unwanted’ names

girls changing their name of Nukushi/Nukusa [meaning ‘unwanted’] to more meaningful and powerful ones such as  ” “Vaishali,” or “prosperous, beautiful and good” or “Ashmita,” which means “very tough” or “rock hard” in Hindi.” ”

Talk about cleansing :)

And maybe not so coincidentally and in my tapping into and of synchronicity with this letting go and clearing out things … Today I have begun an experiential study and deep delving into the Chakra system. For the next 7 weeks [8 if you count the Auric Field … our Personal Bubble … which, OK, I do] I will be concentrating one chakra/week with  meditation and kundalini yoga [including pranayama [breathing] and poses] to explore personally and up close the energy shifts involved.

… and it begins, as always these things do, at the base with the Root or Muladhara Chakra … our energy space of safety, security, survival and self-preservation.

It appears as if I will be clearing house of fear and insecurity. Depression and disconnection. Worry. Low self-esteem … all things that have been weighing heavy on me these past few months [have you noticed my lack of presence? yeah. me too.] and what a happy jolt to be aware that I am opening myself up to higher ground in this release.

Lakshmi, you rule!

And WHOA! Talk about your birth of Venus!

Thinking of ‘changing’ MY name to Lakshmi  … ah, yeah … good to be back … <3 ged


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