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November 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was asked for thoughts on what or how a reiki circle I enjoy and participate with monthly might focus on this Friday of 11.11.11.

I just keep thinking about how the world feels like it is drying up. Arid of prosperity and feeling a deep lack of control and abundance. … and also knowing that it has been a tumultuous summer for many, myself included …

… what follows it what spilled forth from me as my offering. grab it and run [all rights reserved tho. please give credit where credit is due. always. link with love ;]


overflow the world/earth’s consciousness with love and



one could try this image: sitting on a mountain or in a

grove. goddess/god in meditation. first your are sitting on

the dirt and you are firmly grounded … rooted even in this

ground. see the roots as tendrils uncurling from your legs,

hands even from your heart and up to your head like little

twirling vines finding their way to the earth and

penetrating the soil.
everything is [and you are] thirsty … and then it begins to

this is the rain of love. you lift your head up to drink in this

blessing allowing [allowing allowing] it to fill you up.

drink deeply for this is the love of source. the love that IS

when you are deeply filled you begin to allow [allow

allow] the water-love that cascades within and around you

to flow from your fingers. touching the earth to bathe it and

bless it. the water spreads and absorbs and the dry soil

comes to verdant life.lush. green. flowers. everything now

teaming with life. the love from Source flowing thru you as

source to cleanse and feed … everything comes to Life.
as the water flows, and the ground becomes saturated and

you begin to float on top of it. the more it rains the higher

you rise until you are perched on top of this Earth like a

phoenix on top of an abundant blue/green luminescent

but now … now this love comes up from the very core of

the earth through you. it rises from the center and up and

up. up …entering you at your root and warmly progressing

through your center and now flowing from the top of your

head to make you a fountain of love and sustenance that

now waterfalls over you and spills onto and over the Earth.

plenty for everyone. plenty from source and love … love to

bless what is past and uphold what is to come. love.

compassion spills forth in our every moment. our every

breath. love flows and there IS no need for desert and

dryness. collectively we can hear the cries of the

world/earth and collectively we can send it [and

ourselves] healing.

… and that is all



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