i see …

February 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

so many people have moved away either physically or emotionally or spiritually … perhaps it’s time for me to accept this and stop clinging to something that isn’t the now but only a past … let them go. it’s ok. we’ll all be fine.

perhaps it’s time for me to move away as well

from the past and that clinging

so much past in my present … and too much future … for me to see what is right here.

right now

we need some thought of future and hope but … the clinging i do not need.

i cannot climb the mountain to see the beauty around me if i am clinging to the side … i have to turn around and look.


i have to keep climbing. but not only that … i have to actually stop and enjoy the surroundings.

that’s what anxiety and depression robbed me of. damned if i will not fight to get it back.


i’m up very early. barry being away puts me in charge … it’s not so awful :) the quiet is a pleasant place to be. i see why he loves it so much as well …

good morning :*


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