daze days …

February 24, 2012 § 9 Comments

good days. bads days. great days. meh days. … we all have them. it’s how we cope with them that counts.

today i am feeling an onslaught of anxiety. and no idea why. checking in to mySelf i feel no reason for this sense of danger that wants my arms and legs to flee.

it’s paralyzing … i feel like a deer in the head lights. frozen and blinded by the on coming …

i have yet to find a foolproof way to circumvent this. but for now … i will make oatmeal [with hemp nuts/flaxseed/coconut/ and honey or brown sugar]

then i’ll take it from there …

amazing too how the body can override the mind. my head feels hopeful and – well, not still but not frightened either – a little caught in unknowing but being in unknowing allows for the doors ahead to be opened …

oatmeal … then i will address those doors :)

considering words like surrender, allowing and vows … the goddess Akhilandeshwari and the idea of things being ‘never not broken’ … how a fractured crystal/diamond is what creates the broken rays of light into rainbows . i have yet to understand her better … i’ll be sure to report back.

but yeah … oatmeal. and maybe maple syrup for a special treat.




§ 9 Responses to daze days …

  • Kim says:

    Oatmeal!! Comforting and good! xxoo

  • Pip says:

    Would you allow me to send you some light at noon (50 minutes or so from now)?

  • Pip says:

    Fantastic, thanks! :) I’ll start on the hour. :)

      • Pip says:

        I hope that helped. :) It was for 30 minutes.

      • reikiflower says:

        i slept! but while you were working i got sight of a cork with a tiny hole in it leading downward from my heart chakra to my lower chakras. not blockage, as such, but a dam. i asked it you [you] couldn’t just remove it and the answer came back that it needed to be changed/transmuted into something else that i could use and then it would integrate into the rest of me. it’s an alchemy. and i tried but was told that perhaps it would come tonight when i slept and was asked to surrender.
        i think i was talking with Gabriel.
        so after that i slept for an hour which is not unusual when i have lightwork done. i have a lot of growth/healing happeneing and the deepest of this hapens when i sleep. … that’s also when i get what i call ‘downloads’ … but this was healing.

        thank you so much! i would love to do this again sometime and offer the same for you. Thank you, Pip!

  • Pip says:

    I’m so happy I could help!

    I’ve been told that Gabriel works with me!

    Yes, I noticed that the lower chakras took in the most light, and oddly enough, I had one hand on your heart chakra and one working the lower chakras (I like to link everything to the heart chakra since I see it as the door to every thing)!

    And I have a lot of clients who sleep afterwards; depends on the depth of the healing, I’ve come to learn. *L*

    Anytime! Just shoot me an email! myrainbowhands@yahoo.com

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