healing self

April 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

i can feel that i am on the verge of beating this … it’s like being on a see-saw but i am getting closer to that point of balance.

i am very tired lately, feel weak legged, and my stomach is cramping. but instead of resting i have been pushing and pushing to “be well” …  however, my body is forcing me to sit and assimilate. literally. to see where i’ve come from … see what’s ahead

and then

just relax into it all.

so i got up and took a very hot shower.

washed with indian sandalwood soap and oiled my body afterwards with jasmine and patchouli.

feet too. soft socks layered [i have these sport shorty socks that have a extra tightness around the arch. i love them when i feel unbalanced. they are a comfort.]

i am dressed in soft polar fleece and have the comfortable weight of blankets surrounding me on my makeshift chaise [a chair pulled close to the sofa].

mr. bear is on the chair watching me with a smile and i have coffee and then apple cider vinegar and honey water to sip until i feel like i can eat.

it’s going to be a sleep-wake-sleep-wake sort of day and that’s ok.

mood wise i actually feel ok.

and this is a good thing.



§ One Response to healing self

  • Kim says:

    I love it!! So much self love, self care! and guess what? I put on comfy socks too when I feel unbalanced.. so much comfort.

    I feel it too Gayle… I feel you are in need to cocooning so much.. keep it up!! its ok! I’m with you all the way..

    Love you

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