From a Distance: Pip Miller

May 28, 2012 § 5 Comments

A week ago I underwent a tender remote healing via Pip Miller of As You Wish. It is one of her newest sessions: Dare to Live the Possibilities …  

I felt the Warmth as I was going to sleep and after a half hour into the 90 minute session, jolted to consciousness but easily went back into a deep warm trance-like slumber. I slept well that night. I mention this because very often I respond to energy work with a restlessness, and this time I did not.

The next day brought a feeling of lightness and opening but for what felt like a lump in my throat. After contacting Pip, she decided that a grounding was in order and that night I received one of the most beautiful connections to ‘Mamma”, as she calls Earth, that I have ever experienced. For two days my feet felt warm and tingly as my connection to solid ground became stronger.

Still the catch in my throat persisted … better, but still something was lodged there. Through further discussion via e-mail [Pip is wonderful about responding and very nurturing in her communication] she suggested no further energy work from her but for me to work on my own to release what was pent up in my throat chakra area from crown to feet.

It was a slower process for me as this is/was a wound from a very long time ago that I have not voiced in a long time … if ever. The lump is gone, but I know there is more love that this wound needs.

I am grateful for Pip’s gentle lightwork, for if it had not been for this lovely session, I would not have been able to clear, and continue to clear, this hinderence to my growth and healing from depression. She has a commitment not only to her craft but also to the people she works on/with.

Pip also carries a true gift of healing as an openhearted conduit to Source. Her connection is clean and pure with little expectation other than for your highest good … and you get it in spades.

Connect to her.


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