Multidimensional …

June 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

Waking from a dream… when it takes at least 5minutes to get my bearings. Where I am. Who I am. What day it is. Is my body intact …
I start at the last thing that moved … ok, left hand. This is my left hand. Where is it? On my chest. MY chest. Heart beating. Whose heart? My heart. Are you sure? No. I mean yes. Wait. Yes. Ok. Yes. MY heart.

It goes on like this for however long it takes until I remember. Where I am. Who I am. … the day. The day is the last to be congealed. Become … solid?

It was 245. The moon was bright through the bathroom window. I reach out for something more real. Connection. Distraction.
At 315, I feel here. Mostly connected. And I can go back to sleep.


(Artist unknown)

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